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Home owners Security Tips

Home Security

Some basic security measures that
every house should be equipped with:

Dead bolt locks on all exterior doors (including those leading to basements and garages). Cost: $20-$50 per lock, self installed.
Photoelectric or motion detector security lights on the exterior of the house. Photoelectric lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Motion detector lights turn on whenever motion is sensed in the light's range. Usually one in the front and one in the rear is sufficient. Depending on coverage, though, you may want to light the side yards. Cost: $20-$75 per light, self installed.
Window locks several varieties to choose from depending on the type of window to be protected. They make entry through a window much more difficult. Cost: $5-$10 per lock, self installed.

More extensive security: Alarms

Alarm systems can provide 3 benefits:
1) Protect you and your home from intruders
2) Provide you with additional protection in fire and medical emergencies
3) May lower your insurance premiums

When considering a security system for your house, you will want to get at least three different estimates, since costs can vary a good deal. Make certain that any comparisons are for the same type of coverage: all doors and windows and with or without motion detection. Some systems offer additional services you may want to consider such as panic buttons or integrated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Compare the total cost, which includes the installation and set-up cost as well as any other costs and the monthly maintenance fees if you select a monitored system. It is a good idea to ask for at least 2 references of other homeowners from each company giving you an estimate. Call the references and see how the installation quality was as well as the service that has been offered.

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Home Safety Tips


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